20 Years Of Life On Paper!!

20 Years Of Life On Paper!!


Wooohh!! Are you all excited for Today’s Article?

Yeah, Good enough, So you are ready to go further 🙂

Can you guess, What is our Today’s Topic from the Title??

Pretty close, Yeah, It is “RESUME“.

It is the only paper whereon we need to jot down all of our achievements and flaws of 20 years of Life, pretty much tough for the first time.
I remember the day when It was my turn to build my Resume for the very first Time.I didn’t know much about the significance of Resume in a Company, to me It was just a piece of paper where I need to Introduce myself, jotting down my achievements to me was writing my percentages of high school and graduation in a tabular format,writing my strengths and weakness in my Resume was an emotional thought that My Weakness are My Parents and My Strength is again My Parents, that sounds so absurd now seriously.

So, We need to know about,

      What is RESUME??

      How should we make it??

      And Of course, Why do we make it???

Starting with,

What is RESUME???

A Resume is a very crucial document that summarizes your 20 years of Life in just two minutes.It is very important to analyze yourself deeply before writing your Resume.A resume is the First Interaction of you with your Recruiter, and you know “First Impression is the Last Impression” right??

 How to make a Good Resume??

To write a good resume that can make an Impression you need to Brainstorm yourself,

  • Firstly, You need to identify your skills, that are relevant to the Job Profile.For example for a Software Engineer Job Profile, I would look back into my 4 years of journey doing my B.tech, and analyze what did I learned in these 4 years with respect to this Job Profile,and then I would write whatever I have Learned, like C, Java or SQL etc, Whatever would be my skills and would mention my Projects regarding these skills.Now you are done with the major focus of your Job Profile.
  • Now, You have to think about the Values you have practiced over these 20 years of Lifespan.Values play a Vital role for any Company Culture.Every organization follows a certain set of Values for running their Business efficiently and so we do, whole our Life and Congratulations, You got a common skill between the organization and yourself, So, chances to be hired are not that bad.

Identifying your Value Set would help you recognizing your Strengths and Weakness with a clear Vision:

  • Recall the moments from your Life, when you were struggling with something, be it a Financial issue at home, or you had faced oppression, any disability of yours, It could be anything you had struggled with and recovered yourself from that situation, that makes your Value Set, that makes you strong.
  • What kind of People Fascinates you, How you want to be, What kind of Value Set do you Fascinate about, What is the Philosophy of your Life, Think about it, It will help you to find your Value-set.

KEYNOTE: Writing your Strengths exactly the way they are, is a good practice, But writing your Weaknesses in your Resume straightforwardly is not so good.

You have to present your Weakness in such a way that It would not harm the Company in any way, and while describing your weakness, always mention that you are working towards it and willing to improve with the time and justify how.


Why do we need to build a Resume??

We are a complete stranger to a Company, so we need to introduce us.We need to let them know what are our achievements and what we are willing to do with our Life.We need to explain all this as we need a platform to grow.

You yourself wouldn’t like to conversate with anyone whom you don’t know.You might have observed whenever you talk to a new person, you always start with their introduction and move further in their interests, likes and dislikes to know more about them, and analyze if the person you are talking is worth your Time.

That is the only reason for building a Resume, to analyze If you are worth for Company’s  Time.

This is all about my experience with the Resume Building, I have gone through many articles stating the Formatting of Resume, but according to me analyzing yourself is much more important to know, than the formatting to write a good Resume.

Hooman, Just Like you,

Tanu Goyal 🙂

Kindly write a feedback, If it was worth a read 🙂


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