My First Blog :)

My First Blog :)


Hello, everyone!!

Thanks for visiting my place, this is my Virtual Home in this Web World, and am excited to interact with you people.Firstly, you people might be wondering what makes me reach here, So let’s start with How, What and Why!!

How I came to Blogging?
Blogging to me, used to sound really boring a couple of months back, yes it might be your case as well!!But then I started Quora, It made me feel that yes I can write and can convey my opinions to people and when I shared some of my experiences on Quora, they really get appreciated and yeah, I earned some pennies “CONFIDENCE”, It was good amount that made me feel a better person in my own eyes, and it is enough for having peace inside.

Now, moving towards our What!!

What am I going to share on this Platform??

I am here to share my views, my thoughts, my experiences, my learnings and It could range from a Homely incident to any International Issue because chemical reactions in my head are so frequent that they can rise from south and fall in North(Jokes apart πŸ˜› , So basically you can have all fun while reading my stuff and you can anytime pingΒ me to notify me any kind of feedback about the blog, on a very positive note,everything is welcome!!

WHY am I doing this??

So, Why the most important part!!


  • To say it out, whatever it is in my mind, Most of the times we find ourselves all alone, thousands of thoughts create a mess in our head, that time the best thing we should do is Just write whatever it is.
  • Secondly, I want to analyze myself deeply, then again I need to observe patterns of my theory, Β my thoughts, my experiences, my learnings and my Behaviour, So Highly recommended, write Whatever it is.
  • To transform my weaknesses into my Strengths, and I believe this platform is going to be my pills to convert them into a great strength.So, This is going to be my one form of Writing Battle.
  • I am also inclined towards sharing my knowledge and experiences with you, as I read it somewhere “You got only one Life, andΒ you can’t experience everything in this Life all alone, So, Learning from other’s Experiences is the Key Factor of Success Stories.”
Β This is all for my First ever Blog of Life!!

Hooman, JustΒ Like you

Tanu Goyal πŸ™‚

Feedbacks are Welcome, I really want to hear from you πŸ™‚


59 thoughts on “My First Blog :)

    1. Thanks a lot for the nomination Soffiyahmuheeb, I am really happy that you nominated me, actually I have already written one post in response to Leibster Award 2017, I would try to make time if possible for writing in your response. I hope you understand. πŸ™‚


    1. Thank You so much for this Honour Sir,But All I want to say to you is just believe in yourself and you can be an example for all new bloggers..Don’t be scared just pen it down whatever comes from heart..Nothing can be more beautiful than the words came from your heart.

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  1. Great post! I too am new to blogging but i enjoy it as i can express my opinions and impart my experience to the world. Hope to see more of your posts

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  2. Great first post Tanu! Just like you, I also believe that our words can make a difference in this world.
    Strive to make your ideas and opinions count. Wish you all the best! ☺
    You’re doing great!

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