Stay Grounded While Flying :)

Stay Grounded While Flying :)

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What makes you Strong??

With Every passing day, we are engaging with various things, we are moving towards our goals, we are trying every day, improving every day but undeniably we are selfish (and nothing bad in being so).

We are completely dedicated for ourselves, our family, our stability, our growth, and that’s it. Don’t we??

Well, broadening our thought process is important and it’s time to think about more than ourselves while dedicating our time for our career there are certain important things that move with our career in parallel.

I am talking about our Responsibilities as an individual towards these Categories:

  • Responsibility Towards Environment-Environment is a marvelous gift to us by Almighty, and this is our Responsibility to take care of it individually as we all are indebted of nature.
  • Responsibility Towards Country-No-doubt our opinion, our perspective, and our voice really matters for the betterment of our Country. We just not are responsible for our personal growth, but the growth of our Country equally matters.So, next time anything you find good or bad about your country, do not let it go just because it presently doesn’t affect you personally but raise your voice, express your opinion, express your perspective, It really matters.
  • Responsibility Towards Weak-Yes, Helping people who are striving in their path right now is your Responsibility, this not only lands you descend on the ground but will also fill in the gap in between you and your goals.

It is experienced by myself, whenever you help others you always come closer to your goals, It is always healthy to help and to ask for help, It’s definitely not your weakness.

This Quote by Lloyd Shearer always inspires me for tackling with different type of people,

Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, helpful of the weak and tolerant of the wrong. Because some time in our lives we would have been all of these ourselves. –Lloyd Shearer

Hooman, Just Like you,

Tanu Goyal 🙂

Write me your thoughts about this at, I am excited to listen from you 🙂


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