Nature has Something to Convey :)

Nature has Something to Convey :)


From Homely addressing to Virtual Addressing.

From Handshake, Hugs, and Gifts to Facebook, Twitter, and memes.

From Grandparents advice to blogs and Quora.

We all are lost somewhere, Adrift in search of peace.

Needless to say, I am talking How Virtuality fills in the gap for maintaining relationships nowadays.

How often do we willingly communicate??How often do we express appreciation to others??How often do we smile to others??How often do we sit next to our mothers??

We need to understand the value of Relationships, and to be clear I am discussing a wide “Family” that corresponds to relationships.A Relation not only defines your blood relations, neither it constrained to Friends and Colleagues, instead it also includes humanity.

How Relationships help us to grow in Life??Why are we escaping from maintaining good Relationships??Do carrying good Relationships bring Peaceful Life??

  • Maintaining good relationships helps us a lot in our development, It brings joy inside us and encourage us to fulfill our dreams.
  • Relationships help us in Healthy Living, at a certain point in your Life, you would realize that money and wisdom is nothing without good Relationships.
  •  What would you carry with you after Life and What did you bring with you in Life??At the End, all that matters is, you lived a peaceful life or not.

Trying to unleash my view through my fictional imagination,

What a Rain was trying to convey??

Don’t you think sometimes, that rain is trying to convey something??As if it was redefining the power of unity, as If it was pouring the fragrance of love as if it was filling up the spacious world with water droplets and was trying to reunite us with each other and nature.

Can you feel that Petrichor, that was attracting you towards your origin, towards the origin of the universe(towards “soil”)!!It’s an amazing feeling, and remember those youngsters dancing in rain and their amusing smiles.It all gives me a feeling of Life.It all fills in the peace.

If you could connect with me, write your thoughts in comments below.

Hooman, Just Like you,

Tanu Goyal 🙂


12 thoughts on “Nature has Something to Convey :)

    1. True to some extent,I wanted to write more but a concern of audience stopped me!!Actually being new in blogging,I need a good readerbase first,and most of the people like short articles,so i could not write more!!
      By the way,Thanks for reading Sir 😊

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