Impressions are your Choice!!

Impressions are your Choice!!


Can you guess??What I am talking about?

I am talking about the Values, That can turn you into a great inspiration for others and would land you with the greatest Treasure of your Life.

As you already have observed in my articles that I just share my own experiences here, and I believe nobody can explain about someone else situation, any better than himself/herself.

So, here I go..

Back to my College Days, It was my third-year and Exams were going on, I remember the day when I first time had a gut feeling to suicide in the moment and that too for a damn silly reason.(You can laugh at it later).

What happened was, One fine day, I was rushing to my examination hall and putting my cell phone in my bag and walking towards my seat.It was a normal examination day for me, I was writing my exam and suddenly a cell-phone rang, I didn’t know it was mine until my cell-phone reached to the Senior Faculty members of the Department.

I apologize for not switching off my cell phone and urged him to give me my cell phone back as it was just a mistake and my cell-phone was not with me during the exam, It was in my bag, So there was no point to keep my phone.After begging for my cell phone for about two hours, I straightforwardly asked him either he give me my phone back or else I will jump from the corridor.(That was a moronic threatening)

The moment I was saying these words, was the most deliberate time.I was determined for what I was doing.I was not capable of handling that pressure, so I wanted to escape from the situation the best way I could think of that time.

The incident didn’t terminate here, It cost me my rest of Life.I used to feel too weak every other day, whenever I need to face the same Lecturer.He even started pointing me and torturing me every other day, in presentations, in viva, in project discussions etc. I got the least internals during that session.


Now, Moving on to the good part,”Connecting Dots”, What I have Learned at the end??

  • RESPONSIBILITY: This is the biggest Lesson, I have learned from the incident.After the Incident I knew I am the main focus of the Faculty members, So I never gave them any chance to point out their fingers towards me.And I became Responsible for my activities.
  • INDEPENDENCY: I used to be highly dependent on my Friends for everything, from writing assignments to getting an admit card.After the Incident, I made my own decisions for myself, as there was a fear of getting minimum internals again.I realized things that appear good for my friends, need not necessarily to be true for me too and It improved me as a person, I became Independent.
  • DILEMMA: I used to be confused while doing anything or making any decision. I used to be in dilemma, but after the incident, it was crystal clear to me what would go good or bad for me.Now, I don’t need to ask my friends what should I do in case XYZ happens.It improved my behavior and made me Determined.
  • CONFIDENCE: I gained some piece of Confidence while improving in above-listed things, Though the Major source of my Confidence was none of these.But yeah played some role in building up my Confidence Level.

And that is how I improved on myself, It was not easy but I decided not to be Blacklisted again.So, I did it, as it was my choice.

And I can Assure you If I can change myself from an escapist to a Confronter, you can too.

So, What do you think, the incident was worth happening??Did Almighty had something to Gift me??

Write in the comments below, What you think about it? 🙂

Thank you for Reading 🙂

Hooman, Just Like You,

Tanu Goyal 🙂


8 thoughts on “Impressions are your Choice!!

  1. Never accuse yourself for rightful thing….but what you could have done was let your phone go for that moment with an apology and move from there with a smile, as you also know they are gonna return it to you after sometime…simple win-win for both and yeah that lecturer was one complete piece of —-?

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    1.’re right..but that moment i was not able to understand that fact..still a lesson after that was worth it..and nothing to say for that lecturer…as I am now thankful to him for teaching me a lesson.. 🙂


    1. I was not short tempered,the thing was i have learned from my parents to accept apologise for your mistakes but never drop down your knees when you are right,this feeling of being right leads me towards the wrong me,but at the end experience was worth having. 😊


  2. Suicide for the sake of phone !!!! Desperate girl 😀😀 but then each lesson has something to teach us .
    And you learned yours 😊 – the best part .

    Liked by 1 person

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