Make your SMART phone,SMARTER :)

Make your SMART phone,SMARTER :)



To learn even in the short breaks of your Day, I have something to share with you, that will surely help you in growing and will save your Time.

So, in this era of Technology, who don’t have a Smartphone.And this is so common that we waste our productive and huge amount of time on our cell phones only.So, Why not find a way to efficiently use our cellphones while getting some knowledge daily.

So, Here is a set of some awesome and knowledgeable applications that I use on my Android and learned so much so far from them.From being motivated to inculcate a piece of knowledge within every day, this list has played a crucial role in my life.

1.BLINKIST-This is a beautiful application that gives you a free ebook daily and helps you capture key lessons about the book in short.

2.QUORA-This is the application that has changed my life from a totally negative person to a totally positive one.Thanks to all Quorans whose experiences have landed me here today.I myself is a writer there on Quora.Quora is a platform which helps people to learn lessons from real life experiences without actually experiencing them.And that’s a beautiful gift for anyone, Isn’t it??

3.ELEVATE-Elevate, A brainstorming application with a very interactive and interesting GUI, that helps you to improve your IQ level.The application offers various interesting games to improve your Reading skills, Listening skills, Vocabulary, Percentages, Probabilities etc.This is the best application I have ever found to improve myself.

4.TREE-This is again an amazing application that will help you to be focused on something for some time interval.The concept of the application is, if you need to focus for one hour on something, a seed will be sown and once you have completed your one hour, without any interruptions or touching your phone, the tree will be grown,otherwise if you use your cell phone in between that one hour, tree will die.I like the concept very much It helps me a lot to be focused.

5.ANY.DO-This is a good application that helps you in scheduling your activities for your whole day i.e. it will help you in planning your day wisely.It gives you compliments of appreciation when you complete all your tasks for the day and that encourages you to do things on scheduled time more.(Even Technology knows the value of appreciation, but we so called Smart HOOMAN’s do not. :|)

6.TED-The amazing platform where Successful people from the World shares their stories and lesson learned in an amazing way.They mainly focus on how they overcome with the hurdles of their Life.

7.STUMBLEUPON-Great Application to learn about hacks of life in any field, from Psychology to Technology, From Motivation to Meditation.Anything.

8.ITALKI-A nice platform to learn a second language very quickly by interacting with people from different countries, who might be willing to learn a language that you know, and they might be a native speaker of a language that you want to learn.A Win-Win Approach.I myself have found very nice friends there.

These are the amazing ingredients that will add a very good taste in your Success Journey.So, All the best and Congratulations now you become a part of my Family, adding these apps to your Smart Phone Which was Dumb so far. ๐Ÿ˜›

Yeah, Before wrapping one more thing that I would advice you people is, organize your cell phone apps wisely.This is very important that will help you stick with your goal, and to achieve what you want.

From organizing your apps wisely, I meant to keep all the Knowledgeable apps on your Home Screen and all the Time-Killing Apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter etc inside, this will save your good amount of time.

If it really was Knowledgeable to you, Please let me Know in Comments Below ๐Ÿ™‚

Hooman, Just Like You,

Tanu Goyal ๐Ÿ™‚


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