How Money makes you weak!!

How Money makes you weak!!


Hey, Friends, I hope you all are well and doing good :).

So, If you’re not so rich, If money just doesn’t flow from your Tap, If you don’t have a tree where money grows, Then this is the right place for you :).

I am from a middle-class Family and have three siblings, and two of them are younger than me.We are born and brought up in Delhi, India.My Father is a Businessman and my mother is a Homemaker.We make a good happy family, but the thing that makes my family weak is Money.

My father has always provided us with all luxuries, he never made us survive for anything, he always brings us everything we wish, before even asking for it. Like anyone else, My Father is an Angel to me.He is totally a positive person, he has survived through many ups and downs of Life, whenever Life has offered a hit, he bounced back to fight with Life again with same energy.Lack of money never made him lose his Strong Character.And This is the most adorable thing about him.

I have observed myself, how our surroundings helps (yes, yes people helps you) us to infuse weakness in ourselves, when you are not so Rich, to throw a big party, to carry some expensive and branded things etc.

You might have heard person X kills person Y for money, You all are familiar with robbery cases, murder cases etc.And the culprit is not only the person who is doing such things, we as a society also play our part to make him a Criminal.

I can feel How people offer you a pity smile, How they infuse weakness in you, How they react when you refuse to join them in an outing, How they Barb and criticize you when you can’t afford or simply don’t want to waste money on needless things.All these things make you weak I know.

But to survive you have to be Strong, just don’t pay attention to these things, drive yourself the way you want even if it costs you to stay alone, people don’t matter until you know your worth.

In the words of Rutger Bregman, Poverty is a Lack of Money, Not a Lack Of Character.

Trust me you can outgrow even when you don’t have money to stand a business, to fly high you only need a Willpower with positive Attitude, that’s it.It wouldn’t cost you money but yes It will cost you Hard and Smart Work, and If you’re determined nothing can stop you.

  “You just need to make Rich Decisions to be Rich.”
Thank you for Reading 🙂

Hooman, Just Like You,

Tanu Goyal 🙂

8 thoughts on “How Money makes you weak!!

  1. we should keep one thing in our mind that man makes money, money does not makes a man…..yaaa yaa agreeed to some people that money makes a man but it just an illusion thats it……. no one can buy humanity

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      1. Sir,I agree but If someone is willing to grow,money can’t stop him.And there are numerous examples in history,though we would need money as a support system,but not trying just because of money would also not going to do anything.

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