End of College||Beginning of Life

End of College||Beginning of Life


Every other day in the final year of college seemed like the last day of College Life.Every one of us was capturing the College Life in the best way we could.

Life has never played this game before as if we were running behind the Life and Life was smiling at us.To experience the actual feeling of the Last day, We celebrated our Last day many times, we clicked thousands of selfies, we travelled and explored everything with friends, We scribbled emotions to each other and we presented our heart out.

The Final days of the Final year were the last days for us, but when it comes to the Final end, the FINAL Day actually, we were noiseless, it was a soul-stirring experience, Each pair of the eye was defining the flashback of time spent in the College.

We went to the Teachers for blessings, and the irony is, they were the same whom we used to curse back then.Batch-mates became Friends in the First year but now you see, they become our Family.Life doesn’t end here we Know, but we knew this too, we never gonna live in the same phase again.

We met Actors, Singers, Dancers, Rappers, Philosophers, Techies, and Toppers, What else one can ask for, on a single platform!!By the end, We met some of the unintroduced great souls of our Batch.

College was used to be a JAIL for us, a load of assignments and the criteria of 75% attendance, but at the end, it became a set of amazing Relations, a place of cherishable memories, and a life with heartbeats!!

We realize, we became more than Friends, more than Relations, Emotions is the thread that was binding us together.

“We ignored the mistakes, we ignored the faults, we ignored the fight, we create the memories with all loopholes.”

To all my Batchmates, I will miss you all…you all became a part of my Family!!All the very Best for your Future Endeavours!!

I Love you all, Stay Happie, Stay Blessed and Stay Connected 🙂

Final year  Student, Just Like you 🙂


3 thoughts on “End of College||Beginning of Life

  1. What a wonderful reflection on your experience. I just graduated college as well and it is still a bit surreal. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors!

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