Trace your Love Lines!!

Trace your Love Lines!!

Hello, everyone, I know this topic interests you :P, Isn’t it??

Just because, At one or the other point of Life, We all have been in Love.According to all of us, Love is an uncontrollable feeling, Love happens without our consent and  It is accidental, and that is true.

But there is something more about Love, Let’s dive in.

Observing the definition of falling in Love is much like falling in sewage while moving on the roadside, that happened uncontrollably, that happened without our consent, that happened accidentally.(I know this is Hilarious 😛 ,and you might be thinking how absurd logic did I make..,but trust me this is true.)

As per our views, Love happens selflessly, Love is meant for completely letting us go with the feeling of craziness, Love is not a Choice, Love is an uncontrollable feeling that influence us or that attract us to go crazy.

You might be thinking What Love would be if it comes as a Choice, It would completely change the whole meaning and concept of Love.

But to Let you know, The definition of Love on which we are growing is undifferentiable with Mental illness, and yes it’s true according to Medical Science as per Mandy Lan Research.

You might be thinking How??

Love comes with a heartache and then a heartbreak, It makes us go mad, a feeling of total depression wherein you wish to prove your Love to another one, either by hurting yourself or by forcing yourself to be in that mental illness for the sake of proving that you Loved the person damn truly and your entire wellbeing depends on the another one loving you back.

So, We really need to brush up our thinking about Love and especially It is for those Who suffer a breakup!!

Do you think Love means Suffering??

Do you think Love would influence you to hurt yourself??

Do you think rather than falling in Love, Stepping up in Love is a better Choice??

Do you think you can’t truly express and feel your love for another one when you choose to Love??

Do you find it difficult to stand by your partner in sickness and poverty, when It is a Choice??

I think not at all, all the crazy feelings persist even when Love is your Choice and an added advantage is you don’t need to prove your Love by hurting yourself when It’s your Choice. Actual Love happens like this only, you care but you don’t get depressed, you know you’re not together anymore but you know It was not only a euphoric feeling but was more than that, and It will be inside you forever without hurting you physically or mentally.

Love defines a wide meaning, it’s much like to that scenario when a person suffering from an incurable disease has to part ways from his own body part to save his Life. It just doesn’t mean he doesn’t Love his body parts, he do Love each part of his body and separating any part of his body cause him immense pain, but he chooses to do it because It is also a form of Love.

So, According to me..

“Love is a Choice, Love is not falling for another, it is stepping up towards other!!”

You can watch here to know more about Love!!

Hooman, Just Like You,

Tanu Goyal 🙂


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