How Tags make an Image on mind!!

How Tags make an Image on mind!!

“Hey”, to all my Christian Friends!!

“Assalamualaikum”, to all my Muhammadan Friends!!

“Namastey” to all my Hindu Friends!!

“Sat Sri Akal” to all my Punjabi’s and Sikh Friends!!

And the List goes on….

I know you all might be thinking that I am drunk, why am I greeting all the people in different ways, Why can’t I just say Hi to everyone like every other day I do, What is so special today for doing this??

So, Let me tell you, that yes today is a very important reason for doing this, and that is Discrimination between people.

Did it make any sense of greeting each group of people specifically??

No, not at all, I could have said a Hello to everyone and it was enough.

But the reason why I did it, is essential to know!!

Whenever you talk certain class of people, to connect with them you should know about their interests, Language, and culture that makes the conversation interesting, right??

But what if, we eliminate all these class based portioning from the world,

  • Wouldn’t it become easier to conversate with people without any pre-judgmental thoughts about any class of people?
  • Wouldn’t it become a more interesting conversation, as people would involve more in the talk by sharing more about themselves and what they do??
  • Wouldn’t it be a Win-Win approach in every sense, like there would be no discrimination on behalf of categories, it would help in the development of thought process and productivity of the country.
  • Everyone would be judged just on the basis of Knowledge and attitude that they carry.
  • People would learn a concept of unity, making Community, Country, and The World to come together for the development.
  • Minimize the struggle and scrimmage between different classes of people.

And It would be a complete set of Win-Win policy!!I actually want this to happen someday, we just need to destroy a single belief and we are good to go for rising as a whole.

Thanks for reading, suggestions, and feedbacks are always welcome.

Hooman, Just Like you,

Tanu Goyal 🙂

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