Your Beliefs are your Roots!!

Your Beliefs are your Roots!!


Hey Friends, This is the time to destroy your wrong beliefs that are making the distance between you and your Success.

So, What do you think what plays an important role in a person’s Success or Failure??

Don’t you think it’s the Belief system of an Individual??

Yes, you’re right, our Belief system is the only friend who supports us in moving towards our success with a Smile.(Yeah, generally you rarely have friends who smile with you in your Success, and most of the time, strangers Supports you, and there is nothing new in this Fact, we all know this, right??)

So, Guys What it takes to destroy our wrong beliefs??

Well, before that How would you know What is Wrong or What is right??

People have their own definitions of Good or Bad, Right or Wrong, isn’t it??

So, How would you decide What is good for you and What is bad for you??

Here is my Strategy to deal with right or wrong:

  • Anything that makes you smile, anything sane or insane that makes you happy inside out is perfectly right to do.
  • Anything which saves a Life and needs your Support is right to do.
  • Anything that costs you to come out of your Comfort Zone to make some baby steps towards your goal, is perfectly right to do.
  • Any belief that has no relevance in actual terms is perfectly right to destroy.
  • Anyone you’re getting negativity from is perfectly right to boycott.
  • Believe in Yourself, Don’t choose the rat race, Choose your own race with your own self and you would be able to identify the right belief.

These are only some of the points for some of the situations, but there are endless beliefs associated with our mind, So, What is a General rule for dealing with them??

My RuleBook:

  1. Remember, There is no truth or false there are perceptions of different people come from different experiences and situations.
  2. Don’t believe in beliefs you have made whole your Life from your Surroundings,(like if you are an average student, your surroundings might have told you,”You are not going to do anything in your Life”, I request you don’t believe in that.)
  3. Have your Own positive perceptions about yourself, There are many chances that you would do, what was unexpected by you, from yourself too, but you would achieve it, just because of your own belief in yourself.
  4. Don’t follow Reference Criteria, What happens generally, When you do something, ten people would praise you and twenty would criticize you, more chances are, you will feel worthless and stop whatever you were doing, I advise you do not follow any of the references, just follow your own perception about it.
  5. By the time, You empower your new belief to your subconscious and come near to your Success.

And that is How you learn the Game of Beliefs!!

You can learn more here on blogmantra!!

Thanks for Reading, Follow my blog for more such posts!!

Share your thoughts with me in Comment Box below.

Hooman, Just Like you,

Tanu Goyal 🙂


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