What dresses you up??

What dresses you up??

Hello Friends, How are you all??

So, about today there is only one question for you people, Are you all dressed well??

Well, Here I am just not talking about your outlook you get from your clothes, but I am talking about your outlook you get from your soul, from your attitude, and from your Body Language.

So, What comes first to maintain a natty outlook, other than a good sense of clothing??

  • Your Soul defines your way of thinking, It defines you as a person, positive or negative, and It would get reflected through your attitude.
  • Your Attitude, the exposure of yourself towards people, is defined by the attitude you carry, and that can be easily identified through your Body Language.
  • Body Language, the way you shake hands with people, the way you wink and make eye contact, the way you fold and unfold yourselves, the way you greet people, the way you smile to others, all comes under natty dressing after Clothing.

So, all these three things are essential for an overall natty outlook, neither your branded clothes nor your arrogant behaviour would do anything good for you If you don’t carry a Happy soul with good attitude and Body Language.

What happens when you’re positive inside, you would feel happy, positive energies surrounds you and makes you productive, and that is reflected through your Attitude, the way you deal with your problems and situations, and your Body Language automatically adjusts itself in a positive way, when you’re positive inside.

So, Are you all dressed well??

Thanks for Reading 🙂

Hooman, Just Like You,

Tanu Goyal 🙂


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