Be Thankful to the things that Happened!!

Be Thankful to the things that Happened!!


We often keep on  counting the things that happened wrong to us, but did we ever wondered about the things that happened good to us,did we ever thanked the person who has helped us in urgency,Did we ever counted the blessings we got from the people,I think most of us never think of that.

What happens when we count our blessings??

Yes, We feel appreciated and get spark to move ahead, and you may ask How??

So, You must have remembered your Childhood when you used to receive so many gifts on your birthdays, What was the first thing you used to do??

Yeah,exactly, we used to open up the wrappings and used to see what is inside the box,but now when we are grown, being busy with the Life responsibilities we often forget to open up those wrappings from our blessings, and often miss to enjoy the blessings in Life and that is how we miss to push ourselves forward in Life, we miss to actually feel appreciation.

Folks, When we start counting the blessings of life, the moment we start opening up the wrappings then only we start realizing, how lucky we are to have this  Life.

So, Be Thankful Whatever you have, Start counting the best things happened to you, Start Loving your Life and Feel Relieved for everything you have gone through.

Hooman, Just Like You,

Tanu Goyal 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Be Thankful to the things that Happened!!

  1. Having the feeling of gratitude only makes us happy & brings more positivity to us.

    This is stated even in the book THE SECRET, which is said to be a life changing book.

    Be should always be thankful & full of gratitude.

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