Look for the Happy Light!!

Look for the Happy Light!!


Every day we meet new people, we do certain things, some days become our good days and some becomes our bad ones, and most of our days are neutral also.But looking deeply, we would see that our bad days are filled with more good in them, All we need is a mentality to look towards the Sunnyside of the day.

We all know Human tendency is to find out the wrong first, you all have observed this in yourselves too, you might have notice that Whenever In childhood we used to get a ‘D’ in our core subjects, our parents and teachers used to shout at us, and that degrades our performance more and demotivated us more rather If they have thought to praise our sports and curricular activities good grades followed by a little shouting for the bad ones, we must have felt appreciation along with a guilt, that would have helped us to do more efforts for better results on our own.

Isn’t it??

Similarly, looking for the good in our bad days first and then moving with a lesson to another day is the best approach to move ahead in life.

Another way of bringing the positivity inside to recognise the good thing from our bad is replacing our depressing negative vocabulary words with positive happy words, that I will discuss in my future post in depth.

So, All I want to say is Look for the Happy Light coming from corners, Look for the Gold, Look for the positivity!!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Hooman, Just Like you,

Tanu Goyal 🙂


22 thoughts on “Look for the Happy Light!!

  1. You’re completely right. It’s always best to look on the bright side! the more you operate in a negative frequency the more it can snowball. Just let go or surrender when something isn’t the way we want it to and outline steps to change into what we want. Nice post Tanu 🙂

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  2. What makes us human is our feelings.

    There are two types of feelings – positive and negative.

    Positive feelings do positive works the feelings such as – pleasure ,happiness, eagerness,enthusiasm etc.

    Negative feelings do negative works
    The feelings such as – stress, fear etc.

    If we see our bad days we get negative feelings which do negative reactions on us.

    So, I think we should always think positive because positive thoughts gets positive feelings in us which has a positive impact and negative thoughts get negative feelings which has a negative impact which will just waste our time and will do nothing else.

    I appreciate your thought of seeing the positive in the negative.

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  3. Your experiences are valuable but I must say to the readers that don’t believe on other’s sayings blindly. Believe only when you find a true logic.

    You must have seen many people following superstitions, why they follow ?
    Because they never raise questions.

    Questions are something which enhance our knowledge and makes us more experienced if we answer them with true logics.

    No human can always be true but the logics are always true.

    Many of theories of the great scientist Issac Newton were proved wrong on the basis of true logics.
    Keep on questioning.

    At the last I will say that nothing is complex or simple in the universe. It’s our feelings which makes it simple or complex.

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