Bhuvan Bam Before BB Ki Vines!!

Yeah, I know you all are pretty excited to know more about your Bencho, and that is why you are here but I promise after this read you will be here to read my writings because I will make you go awestruck by telling some amazing stuff about Bhuvan.

Are you all excited???

Yeah, So Bhuvan Bam as we already know is a sensation amongst youngsters.Needless to praise his talent, he is an amazing Singer and an original Actor, But you would love him more and praise more of his will when you get to know the “Bhuvan Bam” before BB Ki Vines.

You never know when your dreams become reality, Which phase of your Life completely transform your Life, Which step did you just made turns your Life upside down and How those people who used to make fun of you start making a queue for a photograph with you.

That is How Bhuvan Bam Changed his Life, He was born on 21st January 1994 and completed his schooling from Greenfields Public School, New Delhi.

Back from his childhood, he is maintaining his cuteness and innocence till yet, as you can see him in the picture below with his cousin.

I know most of the girls out there have already gone awestruck, just like me 😛

Image Source: Facebook

He was into singing since his Childhood and used to participate in cultural activities in his School just like we do, but the difference here is just that he never doubted his talent, He keeps on embracing himself and that is How he stole our hearts through his commitment, talent and willingness.

And Here we go with one of his performance in his Farewell.

Click Here to watch Bhuvan Bam Performing in his Farewell!!

Just like you and me, He also had gone through lonely nights, messed up mind, friendship, love and breakup.Just like you, He also had friends to tease him and pull his leg in his posts, like most of us do 😛

But the thing that matters is, He raised himself up through it all and is a live example for all of us today.

He used to write his humoral thoughts on FB first but now they are shining through his videos in the entire World.😊

bb ki vines

Don’t you think he is an inspiration, Isn’t it something relatable??

Don’t you think he is just another guy like you and me, who had a willingness to do something in Life and perseverance towards his goal??

Don’t you think this was something new you get to know about Bhuvan Bam, apart from already known fact that he is from New Delhi??

If it is so, Share this post and let the world know him personally 🙂

Written by,

Tanu Goyal 🙂


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