Capering with Vocabulary!!

Capering with Vocabulary!!

Hey guys, Its been long since I have written anything, So Today I am going to fill you guys up with an exciting trick to implement in your daily life and start being colorful and playful all the time.

You might be wondering What is it about, So as promised in “Look for the Happy Light” This article is all about How you can change your Vocabulary to imbibe positivity in your Daily Life.

When we say something or describe our mood in any situation, more than the situation, our reaction towards it matters, How??

So, When you’re dealing with problems in your Business or in your work, we often describe our situation like “I am very depressed today about these things” But What If I replace “depressed” by saying “I am a little bit concerned about these things.”

Didn’t it change the intenseness of your emotional state??

What if Someone asks me, “How are you doing??” and rather replying “all right or okay” I would say “I am awesome because of these things” or “I am grateful about this” or “I am doing great in these things” or you can say you’re feeling Outrageous, unexpected, beautiful etc etc.

Wouldn’t it be more playful, exciting and positive??

After facing any rejection, instead of saying that they utterly rejected you, you can say they had a different perspective, they didn’t agree with your suggestion, we were not meant to be together ( For a relationship rejection).

What we usually do is we exaggerate our emotional states, that impacts our Life significantly.We generally don’t value our unconscious activities in our daily life that are actually responsible for shaping our Life.

Try to figure out one Negative Word out of your Day, and Do it for ten days persistently and replace that word with a positive word and see the Change in yourself.

Yeah, People around you would feel irritated or Madden about you, but it’s okay as you’re doing this for self-improvement, So either ignore them or try to make them understand that you accept that problem is big but you know you can do it, then why to panic unnecessarily??

So, Friends If you liked the thought, Kindly Share it with the people around you and let me know your thoughts as well.

Hooman, Just Like You,

Tanu Goyal 🙂

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