Why we do,What we do?

Why we do,What we do?

Hey, guys, How are you all?

I am writing after a Long time.I hope you all had a lovely celebration of Rakshabandhan and Friendship day.

So, This time I am back with an interesting thought, about our deeds, I would answer How our deeds really matter, What we do and Why we do!

We often worry about the acknowledgment of the good things we have done for others.We often strive for the appreciation for our good work.We often say harsh words and feel regretful when we don’t get appreciated for the things we have done for others.

But Today I want to ask you, Do you praise yourself or celebrate your good deed, when you do something good for yourself,and one more thing Do you know Why you do, What you do??and How it comes back to you??

Most probably a NO!!

First of all, I want to ask Why you don’t praise yourself or Celebrate your good deed When you do something good for yourselves??

This is because you feel good inside, your Self-Esteem goes up, When you achieve something, you feel excited, you feel happy and peaceful, that is why you do not seek Acknowledgement of your good deeds from yourselves, but When you do something good for others you would wave your deeds a one thousand time to others, to seek praisings. Isn’t it??

But, Did you observe Why in the above two same situations you act differently?

This is because, When we do something for others, We often ignore our true feelings and give more hype to the starving honour and acknowledgement in front of others.We often do things in order to get praised, to get noticed.We can’t feel peace, happiness, and courtesy internally, that is why we need someone externally to Acknowledge and Celebrate our good deeds with us.

So, after trying to convince you of the fact, How our behavior change in the same situations and How does it affect us, I want to jump straight to my Question Why you do, What you do??

I truly believe in this Quote that “Everything good or bad we do, It comes back to you”.

  • Whatever we do, good or bad, It always comes back to us, When we do something good for others, It adds up the value in our Emotional System, It adds up to our Self-Esteem.
  • When we do something good to others, We raise ourselves a bit in our own eyes, and that’s the biggest Achievement of  Life, but seeking Acknowledgement and flaunting your good deeds over the years, fades away our Self-Esteem.
  • When you flaunt your good deeds, It creates negativity to others as well as to yourselves.
  • So, We should rather care about our deeds more than the Acknowledgements or recursive Flaunting, as these things also adds up to our deeds and affect our Self-Esteem.

So, This is all from my side, I just gave you a way to raise your Self-Esteem without seeking Acknowledgement and by identifying the true feelings to be more Confident and Happy in Life.I am looking forward to knowing your thoughts about it.You can Comment What you think about it, in the Comment box below.

Thank you for Reading 🙂

Hooman,Just Like you,

Tanu Goyal 🙂







2 thoughts on “Why we do,What we do?

    1. Yes,It is important to acknowledge and praise our good deeds on our own and celebrate them positively..rather than seeking Acknowledgement by flaunting our deeds😊 Loved to hear from you Mr.Traveller 😉


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