What are memes and How memes are running the Social Media & our Lives?

What are memes and How memes are running the Social Media & our Lives?

Well, we all are familiar with memes and it’s now a part of our daily routine. The term “meme” was coined by Richard Dawkins in 1976, in his book “The Selfish Gene”, in order to explain the way cultural information spreads.

Nowadays, memes are ubiquitous on the Internet and social media. Actually, they are running the whole Social media. Let us first understand What is an Internet meme?

What is an Internet meme?

Internet meme can be in any form, from an image to an email or audio. It can be any form of data that transforms from one person to another virally, generally, the Internet meme is an image of any person or animal with a funny caption. It can also be in gif format or a video file.

How do Internet memes are affecting our Lives?

Internet memes are influencing our Lives, in many ways,

  • Nowadays social media platforms are running due to memes only. People tag their friends, relatives and colleagues in memes, and then got replies and enjoy the humour of the meme. Although It’s a good way to enjoy on Social platforms, yet they certainly have adverse effects on our lives too.
  • Memes are floating on social media hell of a lot, They are killing the crucial time, and making people addictive to social platforms.
  • Memes sometimes affect the psychology of a person, In some of the cases, memes affect the people mentally and when their Friends tag them in the memes, they might start seeing themselves in that way.
  • Also, Memes on Celebrities and Popular faces making fun of their work hurt their mental health drastically and that harms the humanity.

How do memes help in Online marketing and Business?

Memes nowadays also helping in online marketing businesses. People are learning meme generating skills and using the social platforms for their businesses to go viral.

Memes are getting hype on social media due to these reasons,

  • Easily creatable
  • Easy to consume
  • Relatable to your audience
  • Shareable
  • Familiar
  • Funny, witty, clever, or smart
  • Visual representation of Imagination
  • Enjoyable and Humourous

We can create meme according to our business, we can select any theme to promote our online business through relatable Meme ideas.

There are several sites out there, that helps you to create memes for free, like www.MemeGenerator.net or www.Memesly.com, however, they add their watermark in the bottom, but if you know a little bit of Photoshop or Coreldraw skills, meme generation and editing is painless to you. Observation in real time is another added advantage to create humorous memes.

Thanks for Reading 🙂

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