Life – full of choices, Does this applies for Corporate World?

Life – full of choices, Does this applies for Corporate World?


As the title says, Do you believe Life is full of choices at Corporate as well?

Corporate is a different world in itself. You just can’t practice your values in Corporate, all that you have learned about life just don’t apply with the most people in Corporate.

People with the most authentic personalities are the ones with most manipulative and political calculations.

Corporate is for Business, people are resources, work is for-profit and feelings just don’t fit in the business model at all. Its been almost two years in Corporate, I was practicing my values and principles until now, but eventually, rather than happiness it started being painful, rather than me feeling a better person in my own eyes for keeping my principles, people misunderstood me and started taking me like a dumb, respect and thankfulness were being misunderstood, I was confused what was wrong but then I realized ” Oh Its not the right model to practice my values, It is a Business Model and a Corporate World”. Wrong Knowledge applied at wrong places gives no meaningful output. It was distressful because I thought people are humans in all conditions, but it was not true in Corporate.

This realization of people working in Corporate are no more left with humanity, has raised questions for me,

  • Does working with our Values aligned with our Work is barrier in any kind of growth opportunity for professionals?
  • Why politics have any place in Corporate? Do we have doubts about our skills and calibre to grow?
  • Does Business model is the only culprit for us being left with no humanity or this is we only?

I am concerned and confused about what should I follow/what should we follow? My vibe of walking along with my principles or the trend of politics?

Would really appreciate your suggestions, experiences or advises.


Tanu Goyal 🙂

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