Feel Free to Get Rejected!!

Feel Free to Get Rejected!!

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Is it your Interview tomorrow??

Are you dealing with any of your inability?

Are you planning to start something new, but afraid of its success??

Well, If any of these is your case, then Don’t worry you are at the right place.

Flashing back to my Childhood, I remember the time, I was around 9-10 years old and I was dealing with my speech disorder.Whenever I used to visit my relatives place, they instead of asking me for Candies or Chocolates, they used to ask me to speak up.People used to think I was shy or an Introvert or maybe I have an attitude problem or so, but that 10-year-old girl actually knew the pain.

Whenever I wanted to answer a Question in class, my inability to speech held me back.The problem was whenever I wanted to say something after being quiet for 10-15 minutes, either my voice couldn’t generate enough vibrations around to reach someone’s ears, or my voice propagates with a high-frequency amplitude that creates an embarrassing moment.

A fear of embarrassment amidst of people always held me down in my Childhood.But now, I don’t want to let anyone feel the same pain and embarrassment.

No matter, If it’s a fear of embarrassment or a fear of Interview or if it is a fear of new starting, they all resides in Fear of Rejection.

Let’s Unmoor the root cause of this Fear,

We are always concerned about “WHAT IF”, whenever we plan to start something new, we go through various “WHAT IF” analysis, right??

I too have a “WHAT IF” for you today, ask yourself,

WHAT IF you have a clear vision of your passion, you know the best “ONE MOVE” of yourself, and you are 100% sure about your Success plan??

Would you stop yourself because of your poor pocket??(Definitely A No)

Would you stop yourself because of your inability??(NO)

Would you stop yourself because of your fear??(NO)

Would you stop yourself to think about the Negative aspect of your passion??(Yesssss)

Well, If you have the same answers, you probably be thinking It was just an assumption, in reality very few have the clear vision of their success right?? And you’re absolutely right.

So, What is the Solution??What should we do??Do we need to find out our Passion??Well If “Tanu Goyal” you’re going to do this, why are we here, we already read it one thousand times,”FIND OUT YOUR PASSION, FIND OUT YOUR PASSION” but nobody answers HOW??

Hold on…., Trust me, I am not up to that, I just wanted to say you one thing,


Yes just observe your viewpoint, What made such a huge difference in your Success or Failure in above two situations. See, When you assumed for a while that you are going to  100% succeed, you didn’t care about anything, nothing stopped you, neither money nor inability, but when you started doubting yourself nothing worked either.

I, through my experience would just advice you two things,

  • Firstly,Be Positive(As this is my Blood Group too 😛 ),Just assume that you’re going to succeed no matter what and do not push yourself back because of your Fear,as it is just a False Evidence Appearing Real.
  • Secondly, Do not doubt yourself if you’re willing to do something, what would happen utmost you would get rejected, right??

So, What, You are not the First one in History who is collecting the stones from his path of Success!!

So, Always Feel Free to Get Rejected, that will keep you on track.

Write me your thoughts about this in comments below, Follow my blog for email notifications and Keep Learning, Keep Going high in Clouds.

All the Best 🙂

Hooman, Just Like you,

Tanu Goyal 🙂

10 thoughts on “Feel Free to Get Rejected!!

  1. The feeling of having attached to that one passion !!! And doing everything for that passion gives you immense pleasure that even that last achievement will not be able to give you. The road to success is always hard but then the journey is worth riding that one road no matter what the results might be. 😊😊 stay happy, stay goal oriented.

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