Buff yourself With Simplicity!!

Buff yourself With Simplicity!!


A sweet and short Lesson about Life… ❤

There are numerous skills to learn that can be easily learned except simplicity.Accepting the way you are in front of others is not so easy.Pretending Nowadays is the one of the most acquired skill.

To feed our ego and standard policies we do illegal and illiterate things.Influence and peer pressure play an essential role here.We just for the sake of calling committed, for the sake of 1000 likes and comments and for the sake of Friendship do many amiss things in Life.

And It is the time to know What Life Actually is??

Before explaining the Concept of Life in other’s Language, Let me tell you about my view towards Life.

Life to me is a great opportunity to show off my potential.Life to me is more than Friends, more than marriage, more than Family, To me It is a Responsibility.A Responsibility of doing something good for the entire world, A Responsibility that will keep me alive even after death, A Responsibility that will fill in peace in my Last Breath.

Life has no value of your money or wisdom, Life values your deeds.At the end of the day, you would feel joyous doing party whole day but would feel peace by helping a poor fellow.

It all depends upon your Attitude, How you see towards Life!!

We only behave to others the way we love to be treated ourselves, We can give others only when we possess something to offer, We see Life as an opportunity only when we could open our eyes.It’s all about our Attitude towards Life.

Do you Remember those Helium filled balloons, they used to fly when they were released, Our Attitude is just similar to that, If we stop limiting ourselves, If we stop, stopping ourselves, If we stop underestimating ourselves, We too can Fly just like that balloon, because what matters is the energy filled inside balloon.The thing inside of us that makes us go up is our attitude.

Things that buff your Attitude with Simplicity are your Good Values, Integrity, and Character, Keep practicing and you’re halfway to your Success!!

Hooman, Just Like you,

Tanu Goyal 🙂


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